Teacher Offer

In 2017 we are opening passive participation to percussion teachers! We would like as many teachers as possible to join us at SMW.

For teachers who have marimba students, we have a special offer: For every student you send to SMW17, we will take $10 off the price of your passive participation fee.

Students                         Your fee

      1                                    $90

      2                                   $80

      3                                   $70

      4                                   $60

      5                                   $50

      6                                   $40

      7                                   $30

      8+                                $20

For the offer to apply, your students must be active participants. Make sure they write your name in their application form! Valid up to 8 students.

If you're interested in taking up this offer, you can register here. Please select the "Teacher Offer" option and complete any applicable fields. We will contact you after registration closes (27 March) to confirm your individual fee.